[Just In]: Nurse Caught S*cking Patient’s Manhood In

Nurse Caught S*cking Patient’s Manhood In
Nurse Caught S*cking Patient’s Manhood In

Broadcast Ghana has gathered that a young Ghanaian Nurse identified as Esi was caught playing and caressing the penis of a patient admitted to a private hospital (name withheld) in Accra.

It is established that Esi who was discharging her duty abandoned that and had to log onto this patient’s p3nis as she began to fondle and caress it thinking that no one was watching.
A media report (televisiongh .com) indicated that Nurse Esi has had a crush on the patient the first day he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.
Her colleague nurses she confided in, her desire for the man set her up and later filmed her while she was orchestrating such an act.
Her colleague nurse narrating the incident said Esi was on the night shift and while attending to the patient it resulted in the unfortunate incident.

“We’ve always known that Esi was attracted to the patient and she jokily confessed that to us the first day the man was rushed to the hospital. On that fateful day, Esi was on night shift so we decided to hang around and see what will happen. In the course of discharging her duties, she started to play with his manhood.” – The nurses revealed

Source: Broadcast Ghana
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