The NGO Changing The Lives of Many Ghanaians You Need to Know

Faith Dawa Foundation Changing lives of Many Ghanaians
Faith Dawa Foundation Changing lives of Many Ghanaians

Broadcast Ghana having looked into the activities of some Non-Governmental Organizations in Ghana, came across one which appears to be impacting more positively in the lives of many Ghanaians at less resource. FAITH DAWAH FONDATION, which has been recognized by the Ghana government, since its inception, has been solely surviving mostly from the coffers of the CEO, Executives and some other individuals that share in the vision.

Though the foundation has made several donations in the side of education, health and many more. These have tremendously helped changed the lives of the beneficiaries. Due to this, Broadcast Ghana has decided to partner FAITH DAWAH FOUNDATION, making sure that our medium publicizes its activities.

We also wish to recommend to both local and international donors, philanthropists, and individuals to gear their support towards the foundation to see it properly being put to good use.


Our Mission, Vision, and Passion.

Faith Dawah Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization that was established in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa. The organization was formed in January 2017, it commenced gradually from the Akuapim North District in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The faith project, on its early days, started with 5 (five) communities facing maternal and child health issues. The story about the Faith Dawah Foundation is massively dependent upon the life story of the director of the foundation, who was born into a poor family in Akim Oda-Aboabo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. His father’s job collapsed when he was only eight years old, so the mother struggled through trading, selling in the sun in order to cater for the children.

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The director and the founder of the organization felt the need to help his mother with the daily cost of upbringing, he joined illegal mining “galamsey”, joined construction firms as a laborer in other to get money to support the mother and pay his own school fees. All these were done because he (the director) wanted to become someone important in the future. He almost single-handedly catered for himself through the senior high school and continued his education to become a community health nurse, this time he was supported by his senior brother in times of difficulty.

The Almighty Allah smiled upon him, he was able to complete the nursing training and was posted to the Akuapim North District in Ghana. The director’s first professional postings seemed to be very demotivating, he was posted to a very remote area with no electricity and public transport visiting the place on an interval of a week. The place talked about here is no place than a place called Gboloo Kofi (CHPS compound) in the Mangoase Sub-District of the Akuapim North District. The beginning of everything in this world is very difficult, starting life in a very remote area was not easy, he struggled but, through the struggles, he had “faith” that it shall be well with him someday. But sometimes in life, we think we are the worse persons or individuals in the world but when we look around, we definitely find people who we are far better than, then we realize that there is not much to do than to smile.

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The inspiration to start the Faith Dawah Foundation program rushed into the director’s mind as he witnessed the people of Gboloo Kofi battle with taking care of their health needs. This is the moment the very humane nature of the director of the Faith Dawah Foundation begun. He felt the need to help people going through poverty and struggling for their lives, he felt the need to put a smile across the faces of people. The plight of the people has always been his inspiration. He served in the CHPS compound with love and kindness (wholeheartedly).

At the dawn of the foundation, a daughter, “Faith”, was born to a family which showed the director love, to him, the birth of the girl child “Faith” marked the birth of his organization, he had the passion to work and save lives. He also had faith in every human being. He believes that given the required push, any human being’s image can be uplifted, all human beings can do well. As a result, the name Faith was coined as the name of the foundation, the name will always be the reference point to which the foundation will work in order to save lives from poor families by promoting the health of mothers and their children under age five (5).


Akropong-Akuapem (E/R), Ghana.


Phone: +233 24 126 6796




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