Waoo!! See What Pen!s Enlargement Has Done To A Guy[Photos]

He is now being assisted to walk by well-wishes who are now lifting his manhood on their shoulders every time he wants to move. What has this benefited his wife? Be sure to know if you really need an enlargement and the plans God have for you before you visit your herbalists. You may also wish to read:

Jeremiah 29:11 to have an highlight on what God’s intentions for you are compared to the intentions of your herbalists which are to harm you and disgrace you before those who voluntarily gave you the respect you enjoyed.

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

So how do you have a future when your mbolo is being lifted by well-wishes like that? Grow up! Stop existing and start living a life.

Last year I was out in the field working with a friend in the remotest part of the country where we met a witch doctor. My friend ignited bedroom stories just to understand the witch doctor’s opinion towards sex. From just a mare story at first sight, the witch doctor pressured my friend to pass by his house so that bamupeleko utwakusenda ku N’ganda😂😂😂😂. He was given simple firewood and advised that;

“when you reach home, make sure your kids are asleep, then light up a brazzier in your kitchen, you may put on nothing but a chitenge wrapper or just remain in your Adam & Eve suit, then put these tuna sticks on the hot brazzier, get a stool and sit intanganana making sure your mbolo and scrotum are hunging over the brazzier like the way an electric bulb does in the roof of your house. The idea is to let the smoke be flowing in the direction of your scrotum and mbolo and you will be amazed by the speedy growth of your manhood. Your wife will be telling you “Thank you Daddy! Thank you Daddy” even when you haven’t done anything other than making a simple sneeze or cough. My friend even left a k20 for the village doctor and off we left.

On our way, I said boi, have you seen how we struggled to get to this place?

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Can you work out the expense especially that we used a chopper? Do you have a chopper at home or are you in good books with people like HH that he maybe willing to lend you one?
Will you remember this location when we go back to lsk?

If your answer is NO! then throw away inkuni bakupela isho. If an enlargement is giving you and your wife pressure then I can least advice you to visit the massai people in Comesa market who are traceable in case you run into end-user side effects.

I went on to give him an example of a guy who went for an enlargement, and was given a ka small 🌲 tree to plant, he was told to be monitoring it as it grows because it’s growth was spiritually tied to the growth of his penis, he was told when the penis and tree reaches the size you want, please without hesitation cut the top part of the tree and that’s gonna be your size. The man did as advised, but in due course he committed a crime I really can’t remember but was sentenced and sent to a jail outside his town. The tree kept growing, his size reached the knee, he had a tough time trying to convince the prison authorities to let him out with the escort to go and cut the tree. When they finally did, it was too late, the penis was reaching his feet and he was given footballer socks where he was tacking it in every time he wanted to make a movement.

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Months later, the rain season came, the soil was fertile and because they had just cut the top part but left the roots, it was time for another episode of mbolo growth to continue, this now forced the prison authorities to question him further and suggest that they visit the same traditional Doctor Who administered the penis enlargement 🌿 to the guy. The following morning they went and located the place, as they arrived, they were greeted by a crowd with loud cries lamenting that the doctor had been sick for a long time and passed on early that same day.
Before I could finish narrating this story to my friend. The guy threw the plastic bag ya nkuni and #Thanked_Me_Later.
I even ate more money from him than the k20 token of appreciation he left with the witch doctor.

Be careful guys. Adam and eve including Bena Lotie and the famous King Solomon haven’t been heard anywhere in the biblical stories of having been involved in the penis enlargement activities but benze kutimba and multiplying like fish 🐠 🐠 🐠 the more reasons we have filled up the earth. Iwe ati nizatimba bwino if it reaches this 💪 size. Timbisani we will read you and share your news pa social media. Enchito tulebombako like right now, it’s sharing your bad luck as news.

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